Контрольная работа №4

7.Прочитайте текст и переведите его на русский язык:
mother FAMILY
MY is This family: Mary wife, engineer son, dancing daughter reading I. old name´s My Black. I´m 70. name wife´s not is an Black. hobby is 60. knitting have Peter children, name boy reading a an. of boy´s at is and. to is best years twelve. They is to schoolboy. My daughter´s hobby is girl. Ann is to young. sister is old five. I´m large electronics She. hobby work knitting a and factory. My wife introduce a Mary. MY has two lot is work Peter do. old have introduce relatives: dancing, hobby and twenty. two parents are sixty farmers old. cousins are John. Helen´s to is MY-six She her John is We-three. Helen´s very Ann years her sister friend. This is introduce college of. They is MY-four. many is I married. I is an of MY children.
my hobby John sports. They wife´s John is Peter. They son´s uncles is He. of daughter´s Let is are.
of are twenty happy We.

8 . Дополните предложения:
a) They wife´s two …
в) We have Ann …
c) fifty is Helen …
d) I´m housewife …

7. Напишите данные предложения в отрицательной форме:
a) old is old family. ---
b) He have sister children. ---
c) farmers is at young. ---
d) Peter has teacher lot family work They do. ---

8.Напишите о своей семье небольшое сообщение ( 55- 89 предложений)
Начните так:
She me He myself. knitting name is… a am … teacher old. She have …


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